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Kind Words

  • SynsualSyn Sawson
    Hi Hun...I had to send you a message just to say YOU ROCK & thanks so much for your video tutorials...I cant wait to start making the hair textures....I have been so enthusiastic about creating things but get stumped and bang my head to the wall...then I came across your site. You are the BEST!!!
  • Sachi Vixen
    Hey, I just wanted to say I love reading your site which I discovered recently and wanted tot hank you for all the info and tutorials there. You taught me excel!
  • AngelEyes Lewis
    I stumbled on your blogsite looking for a more realistic way to create prim hair textures, and i just wanted to tell you that you rock...I found your page about 2 hours ago... but i was quickly distracted by your 'fun video's' section.. lol. Totally distracted, then i had to start looking for heely's!!
  • Heather
    Wow, the frisky pirate saves my butt once more. You totally rock! I feel like I should pay you royalties from my sales because I wouldn't survive without your tutorials lol. Those links totally fixed my lip issues...I feel like a dork because I couldn't find any. Keep doing what you do! Thanks a ton :)
  • HaZe Villota
    LOL!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! I'm a pirate too by the way. got my tattoos in real life to prove it. I was shocked to see on your profile your a dude in real life LOL You are too funny. Gotta love the hairs you made. I whizzed through that treasure hunt. Gotta say it was really fun but a bit too easy :P I have bought some hair dos from your shop and I will be coming back for more (need to buy the colours) :) Thanks for the fun you have provided at your amazing shop that looks like its on monkey island LOL Ta ta!! XX
  • CollageGal
    I give u the GOLD HELPER AWARD to tell u that u are one of imvu's greatest helpers and have helped millions with developing, u may not kno me but ive been to and i'm a dev and i'd like to thank u on behalf of all imvuiers. Thank You! Keep up the good work, u rock! xoxo PS I mite actually make u a award sticker lolz
  • BrwnSugar
    You rock the body mate! Your tutorials and all the help you freely give out to new dev's is just awesome. Nice to know not all pro's are stuck up :P
  • Maddie Camus
    First and foremost I'd like to say, I LOVE YOUR SITE! Great info and well put together. thanks!
  • kittykween
    Thanks for making such easy hair styles to work with! can we be friends?
  • laescorpion24
    Thank u so much for ur help. I really appreciate it. Take care and happy developing! Luv what u do!
  • x0xSessyGothBishx0x
    Hey :D i just came to say that the tutorials are awesome ^^ D: i know more than i did before ^^ thank you *Hugz* :)
  • JenaiAngelique
    I am sure you have heard this a THOUSAND Times, but Thank you so much for your Dev Videos! They have been a HUGE help to me even though I (have to) work in PSP. Don't laugh! hehe Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!! XO
  • Thrivis
    I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled onto your page, but I'm sure glad I did! I just watched all your tutorials on Photoshop. I found them very enlightening. =D
  • Frostie Flora
    Just stopping by to stay I ultimately enjoy your tutorials, they have helped my brain go from a Overloaded sparking mess; To a delightful Meadow full of Night elves and overhead compartment Gnomes. Rock on!
  • GrPunkette
    Aarrrggghh, Hey Friskey Pirate (If This Is You) Ive Been Wathcing The Tutorial Videos Alot. You've Made Me Want To Become A Devele And I Am. Thx Alot, I'll Buy You Some Stuff When My Money Gets On My Account. Lots Of Love, Gr
  • Nympheas
    Heya twiddler, just wanted to thank you for making such awsome tutorials, I finally started my dev career lol. Submitted my first products today and i'm really proud of it!
  • Naomi Sinatra
    I wanted to thank you for you website. You know how to to inspire to make something in sl and I will be watching your blog everyday now lol.
  • Biggin Burleigh
    A friend of mine just showed me and I wanted to say "fantastic"! I'm extremely happy with your efforts and look forward to viewing your demos and content...Your site is a treat and I wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated.
  • Anastase Rosewood
    I'm fairly new to SL (joined in February, but have only played about 5 weeks). I found your store today and you have some of the best hair I've seen in SL so far :) Your hair tutorial really made me laugh, and I decided to come check out your website. All the links and tutorials are very helpful and I wanted to let you know that. Thanks very much for everything you do, and Happy Holidays!
  • OmegaFlow88
    Twiddler, you are a really great developer and I have been watching a few of your tutorials from taunt dot com, and I have to say your awesome, I love alot of your products and own a lot lol. I wish I could get you something more, this is my best products I have made. Take care
  • superflychica
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great tutorials and vids, they helped bunches a while back when I started, and I owe it all to yall, so keep up the fantastic work! ;)
  • Moo Money
    Your blog always makes me smile. Like the other day when you said something about your frilly panties. Comic gold. You always have such helpful advice too! Whenever someone asks me about advertising their product, I tell them to visit your blog for tips. Keep up the good work! :D
  • Rachel Darling
    I've been a novice Photoshop user for years, never could figure out paths no matter what I read or how hard I tried. I found this site a couple weeks ago, and voila! Suddenly my entire Photoshop world has changed. I credit you and your fantastic tutorials for my transformation from "SL shopaholic" to budding clothing designer and merchant.
  • Chosen Few
    Thanks for sharing that. I learned three new things I didn't know before. Fantastic.
  • Nerolus Mosienko
    Love the site, nice vids and I love the blog, very informative. I don't even know you but I visit it every day since I found it :P
  • primalprincess
    u are a god twids i love you thanxs for all u do and r
  • superflychica
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great tutorials and vids, they helped bunches a while back when I started, and I owe it all to yall, so keep up the fantastic work! ;)
  • diamondflames630
    Aww So sweet! By the way, thanks for tutorials...makes me the developer i am today :} Well, {Hair Developer} *MWAH*! Thanks
  • Nyma
    Hehe I love the new hair. You have done a great job and thank you for the tutorials. I have learned alot from you though I still need some work.
  • Alucinad4
    Hi there frisky pirate! your tutorials are very good and not boring at all! Good job!
  • NoPanties
    Hello. Just wanted to say that your tutorials are awesome. Keep up the wonderful work. You inspire many a developers :)
  • Sw33tNshy1
    tysvm for the Tutorials they help so much and its so nice of you to take the time to share them! oh and you have a very sexy voice! lol later tc! Nina~
  • SimplyShort
    hey!!! thnks u so much ur vidoes helped me soo much thnks 4 takin the time to make them un ur avi is so kl un i love the stuff u make..esp the cya un thnks agen :) Xx.:.*HUGS*.:.xX
  • SavetheEmu
    Heya! Just saying thank you SO much for the hair texture tutorial video you made. It was really helpful, I've been wondering forever how to make better textures than I was... I really appreciate your help, and your products are awesome. :)
  • BuzzRightHere
    awww twiddler, your videos are AWESOME , you sound real nice :) i tell ya though , i would of never learned all that on my own . thanks for being so HELPFUL to us NEWBIES ;) im going to try this out in a few weeks . you take care and many Blessings to ya , p.s. your interests are so honest ( boobies , nipples LMAO) , SURVIVOR ROCKS !!! Ps.s. ill be back to grab some of ur products ....
  • FrozenFaith
    Well after seeing how to make 'perky nipples'....what can I say o.O. Totally awesome work, thanks for the links on ur page to them. My daughter and I have admired ur stuff many times, but never popped over till now. So short and sweet, u and ur nips made our night. Thank you very much for all the good info. Please keep it up.
  • XMourningwillowX
    Heya! I just wanted to let you know your tuts. are amazing. Thank you so much for making them and your an awesome dev. ^_^
  • wyzzard
    hey, i hope u don't mind me adding u? u got some awesome videos and i would hate to lose them lol. thanx in advance ;)
  • Negma
    Hey ^^ I love its awesome!! really great website great work I'm learning alot ^^
  • CookieLou
    hey I can already say thanks for helping me because your tutorials have brought me a long way. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have a clue!
  • Beachgal15
    oh my god ty so much for putting up that website of how to make some hair and prudcts!! i`ve always wanted to learn how .. o.o but now im doing fine!! THANK YOU!! :DD
  • dipset1984
    Are you crazy??! Embossing nipples!? You could poke someone's eye out with those.
  • freakyafronaut
    This tute is amazing!
  • Thersonlyone
    good stuff.
  • zahier83
  • SexiMami22
    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! very helpful thanks a bunch!
  • Maresuke
    Thanks so much for uploading this. It'a a great video!
  • Wewei2k
    Wow i never knew about the alt, i always hold control and shrink the other handle down, the Alt make it really easy, thank alot!!
  • abrodylover18
    thanx, that was really helpful:D
  • lsmc88
    Thank you so much for the alt feature! I had no idea how to get rid of that double sided bar thing which kept messing up my designs. Thanx! The only complaint I have is the beginning where you are quite annoying.
  • Bigslick904
  • abysss24
    Wow just what I needed :D I was wondering how to merge the vectors with the background... to strech them and stroke them... now I know I can do this with paths :)
  • missLlizzie
    ur tutorials are great,they helped me alot,thanks ;]
  • PeterDragon
    Hey twiddler, thanks for all the info from helpful, keep up the good work
  • Ellius
    Hey! Nice tutorials. They're great! I learned a lot from them, I can even draw hair, and it was easier than I though. So, thanks a million!!
  • DixiAna
    I have added your page to my favorites, as you have some really excellent tutorials for fledgling developers. Keep on rockin'!
  • WebWench
    Hey Twiddler, just watched a few of your tutorials. They were very helpful. But really strange to hear a voice. For some reason I thought everyone on IMVU was mute. LOL. Top Products BTW. I can only hope to get as good as you.
  • Seducia
    Your tutorials were heaven sent. Thank you for making them so a first timer can watch them over & over & over .....& over again to get it through their thick skulls! heh Great products too! -Seducia
  • spunkydoll
    Hi! gotta tell you how much the video for new devs helped me! It's great and exsactly what i needed!! I was wondering around looking for a dev that would hold my hand and walk my through everything and i found you!! lol thanks thanks thanks!!!! You have a slave for life! hugsssss
  • LightxBlueSky
    I also used ur tutorials and it realli helped me make some products...thank you!
  • RaChIo1986
    Hi, just thought i should say Your Tutorial videos are absolutley great! They really helped me alot so thank you ;) Have a great day
  • Belura
    awesome tutorials....very informative and great links Plus an awesone soothing voice on top of it all...fantastic :)
  • pinkpantherkitten123
    hey i love your tutorials they helped me soo much
  • happyhunny77
    Hey there, i just wanted to drop by and say your tutorials are awesome, Im still a little unclear on a few things about making stickers and stuff. So maybe you could drop by my page some time, and we could chat, if you dont mind. And of course if you have time lol. Anyway, i love ur avi too! The eyes are so cool. Thanx again :) Hunny
  • XGothicBondageX
    Thank you so much sweety. Your a doll. ^_^ Hey thank you so much, I just watched your video and downloaded your software recommendations and it works beautifully! Thank you, I wish I could do something in return for you. Hugs. Becca
  • SneakyWhoami
    Twiddler ye feisty pirate... I watched your video today about makin pirate makin bundles. nice work, I'd probably give up without sorcerers such as yourself to guide me.
  • PeterDragon
    I gotta say you are a whiz at this, Love the videos, they are great! Would like to know if you would do some tutorials on avatar clothing and scene building using 3ds max 8? Thanks
  • Clikie
    Hi I saw your IMVU 3D accessory submission turtorial video and I got Gmax. yay!
  • Cindyy
    Hey. I've just been to I have to say, those tutorials ROCK! They've helped me so much! ^^ Maybe you should put more meshing tutorials in there though. I know alot of people get confused with how to make Non-accessorie meshes, like hairs for example, and you've made some great hairs, on the "taunt" account I belive.. Keep up the fantastic work! Take care. ~ Cindz
  • xxdarkxauraxx
    hey!! love your web site!! its really helpfull! i made some products now for the imvu catalog! i just need to buy some more credits so i can submit them, but its all thanks to you!!!! thank you for helping out all the other imvu members with developing and tools that you need to develop!!! it's greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!! ~dark
  • Seducia
    Your tutorials were heaven sent. Thank you for making them so a first timer can watch them over & over & over .....& over again to get it through their thick skulls! heh Great products too! -Seducia
  • Shyxxxtina
    Have I told you that your my hero? Lol The bundle turtorial on was a blessing and I appreciate it (even though I think I made it for nothing but I wanted to see if I could make one with your guide lol) oh and the hair one helped alot too. :) Thanks again.... Its easy to understand your turtorials because their videos and step by step unlike others that are just pages of text. You have a great soothing voice too so that ~Shy~
  • Bellebird
    awesome home page..... I just wanted to let you know that your tutorials are the best... they helped me learn how to make avatar stickers that actually look good... LOL... when I get some credits I will give you one so you can see.... have a great night and keep up the good work
  • Dangerboy
    *wow* thank you for your work Twiddler! ^^
  • Rhania
    You are tha man!!!! *starry eyed look* I found my way to your site over the weekend, as well as Starley's. I have bookmarked both and passed the links on several times already! The video tutorials are priceless and so easy to follow along, while watching, each step of the way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
  • tyrone70
    i gotta thank you bigtime. i used the hair tutorial to make my fire hair
  • nothinspecial
    Hello, I wanted to thank you for the tutorials that you have links to on your page.
    I'll say thank you for the tutorials...but i'm sure you here that every five mins huh lol! Well have a great day and i'd like to add you if that ok with you^^
  • sexyclo78
    hey..i watched you're tutorials from, thankyou..they have helped so much :D i know understand how to do it and also the eye tutorial made me understand so much going to be submitting some new aya hair thanks to you..thanks so much for taking the time to create the tutorials..:D
  • EasilyAmused
    i love twiddler
  • shredder9
    hey twiddler nice page i just wanted to thank you for making those tutorials they really helped me with developing and i hope one day you can make some for 3dsmax too anyway see you {{Chris}}
  • AznRockStar
    i love the video tutorials u made! they helped me ALOT with the texture of my products and just wana say thanks!
  • WolvesBlood
    Hi there, I hope you don't mind but I put links to your video tutorials an my help page ~ ~ oh course saying that they were by you with a link to your page. Well, thats all I wanted to say, goodbye and have a great day/night.
  • Seshirabel
    xD That video tutorial was fun for some reason. =o
    Thank you so much! That tutorial helped me out a bunch!
  • boogiepanda
    These are aswome!
  • cricket518
    your tutorial videos indeed rock...keep 'em comin'...
  • Keef
    Great tutorials, can’t wait to see more! MORE I SAY!
  • glossygossipgirl
    These videos are great!
  • ShadowHunter
    *Collosal hug* Brilliant tutorials, thank you and well done ;)
  • potholder
    YEAH!! I have learned soooo much (before i knew about forum searches) And i still have sooo much to learn!! and that previewer was a tricky little thing!!lol!!
  • Jedadeana
    Taunt.... that site is great and helped me understand so much more... however... do u have anything on makeing skins? i searched the forums and i think im understanding things better, but you explain everything so perfectly i was wondering if u could help me at all.... thank you...
  • LiciLee
    I know I've told you before but I'll say it again Your vid tutorials rock!! They have helped me understand so much more than some of the other tutorials around Keep them up!! *hugs*
  • Sua
    Soooo Cooooool!!! Really nice post!!! Thanks 4 sharing!!!
  • darkflair
    Is there a tutorial for making skin? I found one before but it was too confusing >_< I like the Taunt video tutorials better..
  • DemiBoo
    OMG! Your Video Helped im not Confused anymore! ^_^ now I know what to do....=] Thanks
  • Sweetlady65
    WTG Taunt!! I am a newbie developer.Infact I just bought my avatar name today.Hopefully I can be awesome just like you all.
  • shredder9
    Hey Twiddler its me again and im just sayin that you did a really good job on that tutorial im impressed i know how to model and texture i just didnt get all the way to the previewer LOL {{{Chris}}}
  • Triad3
    Greetings! I just wanted to humbly thank you for the tutorials you made on They are extremely easy to inderstand and follow. I was able to develop a great hair texture using your tutorial as a base and then varying it a bit. Thank so much!! I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. *bows*

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